10/07/2010 03:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

René Redzepi And David Chang Talk Noma's Dishes, Chefs As Martyrs, Foraging With Ruth Reichl

Yesterday evening chefs René Redzepi and David Chang appeared at The New York Public Library -- the place they shot Ghostbusters -- for a discussion moderated by Ruth Reichl.

After a few introductions in which, by my count, variations of the phrase "best restaurant in the world" were uttered 652 times, the three amigos came onstage for a 45-minute talk that focused mainly on Redzepi and what he does at his restaurant Noma. For the somewhat familiar i.e. anyone that's read the Bruni article, watched the Charlie Rose episode, or read basically any interview with the Nordic superstar, the affair was a bit of a snooze.

Reichl was textbook, keeping the talk within the realm of the epistemological cooking Redzepi has become famous for: What truly is a carrot? Where does it come from? How should we treat it? In all fairness to Reichl, the crowd, classy as it looked, had its fair share of rubes and folks who seemed like they were hoping for prune juice recipes from the toques.


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