10/07/2010 11:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'South Park' Mocks NASCAR & Fans On Season Premiere (VIDEO)

On last night's season premiere of "South Park" titled "Poor And Stupid," Cartman fulfilled his dream of becoming a NASCAR driver, but ripped the entire racing community apart in the process. There were few moments during the episode where NASCAR wasn't being mocked for its demographic, simplicity, or sponsorships.

However, the only thing that was mocked more than NASCAR were the fans. Cartman states in the first few minutes of the show that you have to be poor and stupid to like NASCAR, and then proceeds to bring the sport down by actually succeeding in becoming a driver while acting like a stereotypical redneck. The most baffling part of his transformation to NASCAR driver was the constant ingestion of Vagisil because he heard it caused short term memory loss.

Check out the first clip below to see Cartman's viral video where he tarnishes the NASCAR name by calling Obama "gay" (among other things), and the second clip where he races against Danica Patrick and more while Butters coaches him from the pit.


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