10/07/2010 03:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Third-Party Groups Spending Big In Illinois Races

Ah, yes, October. Time for changing leaves, enormous pumpkins, and tens of millions of dollars in political advertising on the airwaves.

Things are particularly heated in Illinois this cycle: the state is home to closely contested races for Governor, U.S. Senate, and three or four Congressional seats as well. The candidates in these races are, of course, raising and spending enormous sums to try and move voter sentiment with a hard-hitting TV spot.

But candidates are only human, and they can only raise so much money on their own. Enter the PACs and national campaign committees.

These third-party groups have already bought millions in air-time in Illinois. A pro-choice group has released a hard-hitting spot attacking Bill Brady; a Republican mastermind has launched an ad slamming Alexi Giannoulias's bid for Senate; and a group of realtors has dropped some cash for Bill Foster in the 11th Congressional District. And that's just in the last few days.

Watch a sampling of some recent third-party ad buys in the Land of Lincoln, and vote on which you think are most effective.

Third-Party Groups Spending Big In Illinois Races