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Urban Bees: Tokyo Beekeeping On The Rise (VIDEO)

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Tokyo joins the growing list of metropolises that are buzzing about bees.

In this video, Reuters heads to Tokyo's Ginza district, where classes on urban beekeeping -- conducted by the nonprofit Ginza Honey Bee Project -- are seeing an increasing rise in popularity. The project began five years ago with a single location in Ginza, but now has seven locations across downtown Tokyo, and according to Reuters, the number of privately owned urban beehives in Japan has doubled since 2003.

Locals are flocking to the classes not only because of the reputation of the delicious honey being produced by the city bees, but to find a way to connect with nature when surrounded by skyscrapers.

"Living in the city, I felt that Mother Nature is far away from me. But thanks to the honey bees, I realize that nature is near me," one patron of the classes told Reuters.


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