10/08/2010 03:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jan Schakowsky's Political Director Alex Armour: Opponents Of Park51 'F***ing Dumba**es'

Every now and then, everyone needs to vent their frustrations with the world's closed-minded and intolerant.

But when you're a leading operative for a prominent Congresswoman from Chicago, yoeditorial.huffingtonpost.come the best place for it.

Alex Armour's Twitter account is now closed. But until recently, Jan Schakowsky's campaign manager and political director had his tweets available for all to see.

Those tweets included the following bombshell, reprinted on Moe Lane's blog:

The "diplomacy" Armour mentions refers to the President's remarks about Park51, the so-called "ground zero mosque." It was posted on August 14th of this year.

Jim Geraghty, a blogger at the conservative National Review, re-posted Armour's tweet earlier this week. "Class act you have there, Rep. Schakowsky," Geraghty writes. He took the above screenshot anticipating that Armour might close his account, which indeed he has.

The suburban Chicago Daily Herald solicited reactions from those involved:

In a statement e-mailed Wednesday, Schakowsky said: "Even though he thought it was a private communication to his followers, I have made it perfectly clear to Alex Armourand all of my staffthat the use of that kind of language is inappropriate.

Armour, who has been Schakowsky's political director and campaign manager for six years, has since blocked public access to his Twitter page.

"I don't really have any official comment, he said Wednesday. "It (his Twitter page) is now closed. I was under the impression that it was a little more private than it was.

Schakowsky is by some measures the most progressive member of Congress. She is running for re-election against Republican Joel Pollak in the D+20 Ninth District, in a race that is not viewed as particularly competitive.