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LA's New Clubs and Bars

Citysearch     First Posted: 10/08/10 06:18 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:00 PM ET

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By Mar Yvette

Why sleep when you can be up all night getting in on LA's best after-dark action? Whether you're a no-drama barfly who prefers laidback lounges and live music or a sucker for punishment who doesn't mind velvet ropes, we have you covered with our list of the best new spots for boozing, cruising and dancing in Los Angeles.

The Parlour Room of Hollywood
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The Parlour Room of Hollywood
6423 Yucca St, Hollywood, CA 90028

On the prowl for a little speakeasy glam in the middle of some serious Hollywood grit? Then stop by the Parlour Room. Located near two raunchy corner strip malls, this low-key hangout from nightlife maestro Craig Trager forgoes the typical velvet rope policies (you'll love Hans the doorman) in favor of a neighborhood vibe where anyone can mix, mingle and enjoy a good $5 gin martini.

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