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Spotlight on John F. Simon, Jr.'s 'innerhole,' NYC

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WHO: John F. Simon, Jr.

WHAT: innerhole

WHEN: September 11 - October 23, 2010

730 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
tel 646.336.7183

WHY:These wooden sculptures, while they almost appear as large-scale digital prints, combine the 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional worlds.

Continuing to experiment with software and robotic fabrication, Simon adds another dimension to the translation of his drawings from the digital to the physical. The new bas-reliefs made of wood and formica in Simon's current exhibition elaborate on his long term fascination with automated mark making. By layering line, color, and material, Simon invites you to 'consider how things are defined by what surrounds them.' The innerhole calls attention to the negative space at the center. innerhole is John F. Simon, Jr.'s eighth solo exhibition in New York.


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