Vince Tornado Says: 'You Got A Dog? You Got A Gym!' (VIDEO)

10/11/2010 03:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Are you too broke for a gym membership? Or do you have one but never seem to go? According to "fitness legend" Vince Tornado, that is no longer an excuse to not get in shape, because now you can have Dog Gym! Yes, "if you got a dog" then "you got a gym" with this hilarious workout program featuring nothing but you and your canine companion doing crunches, squats and lifts together.

Don't have a dog? Do as Vince suggests and "go check the alley - there are strays everywhere!" The point is, you'll never have to go to a regular gym again when you get Dog Gym (AKA a dog). You can't deny the logic of Tornado's slogan: "For man's best workout, you gotta rely on man's best friend." (Via Best Week Ever)



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