10/11/2010 05:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama To Take First-Ever Presidential Question Via Skype

Continuing his efforts to chart new territory with respect to the intersection of politics and technology, President Obama is set to take what appears to his first question via Skype.

At a town hall event at George Washington University set for Tuesday night, Obama will be answering queries via all types of media -- including Twitter, email and in-person questions from the audience -- a Democratic source tells the Huffington Post .

According to the source, he will also be asked "the first ever question a president has received from Skype," an online video-chat service. The question will be coming from a house party in Illinois. What will be asked is, ostensibly, up to the purview of the questioner.

In terms of innovation, a Skype question falls a bit short of revolutionary. Cable news interviews are conducted over the medium. And it is widely used by people doing long-distant communication. But with respect to the office of the presidency -- which often languishes behind the technology curve -- it is a reflection that the president's crop of advisers recognize that the old way of doing things (even as small as a town hall event) isn't always the only way.