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Best Claremont Shopping and Dining

First Posted: 10/12/10 06:22 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:00 PM ET

Los Angeles Magazine has rounded up the best places to spend your time and money in Claremont, California. Located just thirty miles from downtown Los Angeles, the quaint college town is home to vintage shops such as The Grove Vintage, restaurants including The Back Abbey and Viva Madrid and a one-stop shopping center known as The Claremont Packing House. For the rest of the list and more shopping tips in Los Angeles, check out Los Angeles Magazine.

Caption text courtesy of Los Angeles Magazine

Claremont Packing House
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Claremont Packing House
532 W. 1st St., 909-623-0535.

Back when oranges were king, huge packing houses linked by railroads were built to accommodate their distribution. Claremont’s citrus center opened in 1909 and after being long vacant was recently resurrected as an arts and entertainment venue. Among its attractions is a jazz club that doubles as a fondue lounge.

Photo via Claremont Packing House
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