10/12/2010 11:05 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Face Transplant Story Told By Donor's Wife: New Book 'The Match' Divulges Details (VIDEO)

"What a great gift you could give to somebody," said Joseph Helfgot, the soon-to-be donor of his face. "The people out there that are donors, they would be literally giving me life."

After deathly complications during his own heart transplant, Helfgot became the second-ever donor of a face in American. Helfgot's wife, Susan Whitman Helfgot, made the difficult decision soon after her husband's passing, and she tells her incredible story in the new book, "The Match."

"Actually, [the doctor said] we want to take ... and she went like this," said Susan Whitman Helfgot, cupping her nose, mouth and chin. "We need all of this."