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James Wisniewski, Islanders Defenseman, Makes Obscene Gesture To Sean Avery (VIDEO)

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During the first period of the New York Islanders' 6-4 win over the Rangers on Monday, Islanders defenseman James Wisniewski made an obscene gesture to Rangers star Sean Avery.

Wisniewski didn't think it was a big deal after the game. "He was doing his thing. I was doing mine," he said.

Avery had a different take on the incident.

"It's pretty obvious what the guy was doing. I'm sure nothing will happen to him. Nothing ever happens," Avery said. "It's interesting he'd get a warning for something like that. Imagine what would happen if I did it. They (the NHL) sent me to rehab."

Avery was suspended in 2008 for making vulgar comments about multiple ex-girlfriends who went on to date other hockey players. Scroll down to watch the video.


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