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Ode To Christine O'Donnell Captures All Her Ridiculousness In Song (VIDEO)

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You probably think you've seen all the Christine O'Donnell parodies that you can handle, but you have to make room for one more. Ben Sheehan was so inspired by O'Donnell's masturbation-bashing, conspiracy theory-believing, witchcraft-dabbling personality that he wrote this amazing song for her called "Christine!" and it's both hilarious and totally accurate.

The best part (aside from its undeniable catchiness) is that it's not just another bashing -- Sheehan actually gets a kick out of the "raving mad" Senate candidate and will fondly remember her (as long as she doesn't win). We can totally agree, too. We also adore O'Donnell if only for providing so much comedic material over this last month or so. (Via Funny Or Die)


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