10/13/2010 09:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Daily Caller Parodies Keith Olbermann MSNBC Ad (VIDEO)

A week after the rollout of MSNBC's new two-year, multimillion dollar ad campaign -- centered around the slogan "Lean Forward" -- parodies are beginning to surface.

On Tuesday, the Daily Caller website released a parody of one of MSNBC's ads. This one features Keith Olbermann writing one of his "Special Comments." The Daily Caller -- which has set itself up as a continual thorn in Olbermann's side -- changed the words Olbermann is seen writing. In its remake, Olbermann is writing a "Worst Person In The World" segment where he insults conservative commentator Michelle Malkin.

Watch the original ad:

Watch the Daily Caller parody:

But the mockery doesn't end there. On Monday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart lampooned the "Lean Forward" campaign too, calling it no match for Fox News' "Fair and Balanced":

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