10/13/2010 04:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Marijuana Legalization Group SAFER Slams Hickenlooper, Lauds Tancredo

Correction: SAFER has not officially endorsed a candidate for Governor, as reported earlier, but released a voter guide (viewable below) slamming Hickenlooper while lauding Tancredo's stance on the issue of marijuana legalization. The organization indicates that it favors Tancredo and libertarian candidate Jaimes Brown, while disapproving of Hickenlooper and Maes.

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As legal pot in California begins to look like a real possibility, and Democratic operatives weigh the benefits of legalization initiatives in 2012, pot legalization advocates in Colorado are starting to flex their political muscles.

Denver-based SAFER (Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation) released its Colorado 2010 ballot guide on Wednesday, and the group is endorsing American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo for Governor over Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Dan Maes.

Mason Tvert, Executive Director of SAFER, called out Hickenlooper for making a living--Hickenlooper was a bar-owner before becoming Mayor--selling alcohol while he opposed reforming marijuana laws.

"He has yet to explain why it was OK for him to make a fortune selling alcohol, yet it should be a crime for adults to use a far safer substance instead," Tvert said.

Hickenlooper opposed the 2005 Denver ballot measure that decriminalized possession of small amounts of Marijuana because he considers pot to be a "gateway drug" that often leads to the use of harder drugs.

Tancredo, on the other hand, has stated in the past that he supports the legalization of Marijuana as a way of quelling violence on the U.S.-Mexico border.