10/14/2010 06:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Chicago Mayor's Race Roundup: Luis Gutierrez Won't Run, More Talk Of Rahm's Residency

After a needed vacation, Mayoral Madness is back! And with news! Thursday was apparently when several high profile politicians whose names have been floated as potential mayoral candidates decided they are going to stick with their current jobs.

Gutierrez Won't Run

Though it seemed like a sure thing for a few weeks now, Rep. Luis Gutierrez announced Thursday afternoon that he would not be running for mayor of Chicago and instead focus on immigration reform.

In a statement, Gutirerrez explained why he would not be running:

"There is one and only one reason I am not running -- I'm already engaged in the most important battle I can commit my energy and time and devotion to winning. I am one-hundred percent committed to fighting for fairness and justice for immigrants, and to continue the battle for comprehensive immigration reform.

Standing up for immigrants, and finishing this battle, and winning this fight is far more important than whatever personal disappointment I might feel in not making the race for Mayor of the city of Chicago."

Gutierrez added that he loves Chicago--and will be engaged in the mayoral race. His endorsement will be an important one for the other potential candidates.

Lisa Is Out

After months of speculation and various conflicting reports, Attorney General Lisa Madigan told WBEZ's Allison Cuddy that she would not be running for mayor of Chicago. A lot of the speculation surrounding a potential run came after Madigan refused to give a straight answer to the Chicago Tribune, Michael Sneed of the Chicago Sun-Times and countless others.

Was Madigan just frustrated about the news media's one track mind and happy to discuss her actual work with Cuddy? Or was she really on the fence about a mayoral run and just made up her mind Thursday morning? In any case, after discussing the work she has done as Attorney General, she seemed more forthcoming.

From the end of Thursday's "Eight Forty Eight" segment:

Cuddy: You have not definitively ruled out whether or not you'll run (for mayor)

LMadigan: I think I have. I just don't think it's been reported that way.

Cuddy: Are you going to run for mayor?

LMadigan: No, my goal is to serve as your attorney general.

Rahm's Residency Problem

With two potential big-name opponents out of the way, this has been a good week for Rahm Emanuel. He even got some love from the Chicago Tribune's editorial board on Wednesday.

Many people are predicting that Emanuel's Chicago residency will be officially challenged by late November. The Tribune writes that it would bet money on a challenge--but thinks the whole thing is ridiculous:

We've heard the arguments and feel confident Emanuel is firmly and legally rooted to Chicago.


Emanuel's White House job was temporary by definition. It doesn't matter that someone else is living in his Chicago house -- why let it sit empty if he can collect rent? -- and the fact that he leased it instead of selling bolsters the argument that he meant to return. That occasion came sooner rather than later, thanks to Daley, but we have to believe the possibility of running for Chicago mayor is one reason Emanuel made sure he kept an address in the city.

The Trib went on to say they are "glad to have a candidate with Emanuel's credentials in the race." I'm just shocked to see so much Tribune swooning over a Democrat.

And just when you couldn't take any more love--Israel's ambassador to U.S. showed some more, calling Emanuel a "friend to the people of Israel" and praising him for his work within the Jewish community. Read the full letter at the Chicago News Cooperative.

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