10/14/2010 01:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NYC Kids Dish On Their Lunches For 'National School Lunch Week'

In honor of National School Lunch Week, the New York Post asked three local students to rate their school lunches.

Two of the three students who reviewed their school's lunchtime offerings attend public schools, while the third goes to a costly private school. The disparity between the quality of meals is stark.

A public school 5th grader wrote,

I am one of the haters. Only because I think that cheeseburgers that are squished like someone slept on them for a week, mushy and gushy fruit, and milk that tastes sour and smells like a rodeo (or public bathroom) are barf-worthy.

Another 5th grader, at a private school, applauded her school's excellent cuisine, which includes menu items such as spinach and radicchio salad.

Read the full story on the New York Post.

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