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The 10 Best Business Schools For Your Career

First Posted: 10/15/10 02:59 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:05 PM ET

Which business schools will propel you to the top of your chosen field? The Princeton Review sought to find out by surveying 19,000 students at 300 business schools across the country.
Check out the 10 schools that provide their students with the best career prospects below, and see the Review's many lists of of business school rankings here.

Harvard University, Harvard Business School
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Harvard University Students Say...

A "tried-and-true General Management focus with no concentrations or majors and no published GPAs," a "pedagogical approach that relies strongly on the case method," and most of all "a reputation as the best business program in the country" make Harvard Business School one of the top prizes in the MBA ADMISSIONS sweepstakes. Applicants lucky enough to gain admission here rarely decide to go elsewhere. The school's full-time-only program is relatively large; approximately 900 students enter the program each year. Students tell us, "Despite its large size, the school feels surprisingly small" thanks to a combination of factors. First is an administration that "could be a role model for any enterprise. This place is very well-run." Second is the subdivision of classes into smaller sections of 90 students, who together attack approximately 500 case studies during their two years here. Finally, there's a faculty that "is obviously committed to excelling at teaching and developing relationships with the students. Each faculty member loves being here, regardless of whether they are a superstar or not, and that makes a difference. Faculty guide discussion well and enliven the classroom."

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