10/19/2010 09:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Tyson Sued For $25 Million By Paparazzi Photographer: Report

A paparazzi photographer filed a $25 million lawsuit against Mike Tyson on Monday, claiming that the former heavy weight champion attacked him in 2009, according to RadarOnline.

According to the lawsuit, Tyson attacked photographer Antonio Echevarria at LAX airport on Nov. 11, 2009. Echevarria reportedly claimed that Tyson said, "I will kill you."

Echevarria reportedly said Tyson and two employees at the airport made false statements to the police, resulting in him being taken into custody too.

On the day of the alleged fight, Tyson was said to have been taken to the Los Angeles Police Department's 77th Station for misdemeanor battery, while Echevarria was taken to a local hospital due to a "minor laceration to his forehead."

Tyson's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley reportedly made a statement saying Echevarria "aggressively pursued" the ex-boxer and bumped the stroller of his baby.