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Is OpenTable Worth It?

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We've often been asked why Incanto is not listed on For those of you not familiar with the service, OpenTable is the most successful online restaurant reservation portal on Earth; a place on the Web where diners can search for and make reservations at leading restaurants, via a browser or smartphone. Restaurants like Incanto that chose not to offer their seats through OpenTable find themselves in a shrinking minority.

Let me start by stating the obvious: the convenience and immediacy of booking a table online anytime day or night is beneficial to both diners and to restaurants. This was my belief nine years ago, when we first approached OpenTable to inquire about becoming one of its early customers. It's also why we have found a way to offer Web-based reservations, through our own website, since we opened and why we've kept current and revisited OpenTable's offerings each year, to re-visit our decision.

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