'Sweet Home Arizona': Rodney Glassman's Lynyrd Skynyrd Parody Is Hail Mary In Arizona Senate Race

10/19/2010 12:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rodney Glassman is one of the more hyper-earnest and energetic Democrats running for election this year, but his boundless energy seems to be insufficient to the task of dislodging Senator John McCain from his well-worn seat. Currently, he's about 30 points behind in the polls and McCain's so untroubled by Glassman that he's now cutting ads for other Arizona Republicans.

Obviously, this situation absolutely requires a really stupid and futile gesture. So here's Glassman, shooting the moon with a torturous four-minute video in which he seeks a little of the old Mike Weinstein magic by performing a satiric version of "Sweet Home Alabama" that will all but certainly cement the Lynyrd Skynyrd vote in McCain's column.


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