Fox News Responds To MSNBC With 'Move Forward' Promos (VIDEO)

10/20/2010 10:00 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Asked by the New York Times' Brian Stelter to respond to Fox News' new ads, an MSNBC spokesman said, “this is exactly what we set out to do: create a national conversation to move the country forward. We’re thrilled Fox News has decided to join us.”

People at Fox News clearly took notice when MSNBC launched its new, multi-million dollar "Lean Forward" ad campaign. Now, the rival network has unveiled two new promos of its own that reference MSNBC's campaign. The tagline? "Move Forward."

In one of the two fast-paced promos, Fox News says that "news breaks at a blistering speed," while footage of some of the network's correspondents under fire plays. "We don't stand around, we don't lean against a wall, we break the wall down," the narrator continues. "We move forward."

Watch one of the promos:

In the second promo, a narrator says that America "is not a nation of wallflowers," as a montage of baseball players, firefighters during 9/11, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and others speeds by. "In this country, we don't stand still, we don't lean, we move...forward," the spot concludes.

Fox News' dig at MSNBC is not the only intra-cable ad skirmish going on. MSNBC has also placed huge projections of one of its "Lean Forward" ads right outside the CNN headquarters in Atlanta.