10/21/2010 05:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Election Forecasting 'Outliers'

Doug Usher thinks 2010 could be worse than 1994 for Democrats.

Patrick Ottenhoff points to an Obama-Reagan parallel on approval and unemployment.

Mickey Kaus considers alternatives to Nevada's "none of the above" ballot option.

Jim Geraghty suspects Democratic incumbents will fail to make gains in the final weeks.

Gary Langer says a young voter is like a taxi.

Harvard Institute of Politics surveys young people on political attitudes.

The US Census Bureau releases data on mail participation rates, with an interface for comparing geographic areas.

James Zogby investigates 5 myths about Arabs using polling data.

Perdue University researchers find an increase in religious diversity, but most view US as a Christian nation.

An Angus-Reid poll showspolitical allegiances in the US are shaped largely by stances on moral issues.

A survey by a security firm finds many parents spy on their children on Facebook.

A polling firm will be a fined in New Hampshire over alleged push-polling.

Susannah Fox reviews survey data on how people get health information, and rejects typologies like "cyberchondriacs."

FlowingData asks readers to help represent the data from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (Deadline: Oct. 27).

The Onion releases its election forecast.