Marilyn Minter Gets Frank About Her Love For Tetris: 'I'm A Total Obsessive'

10/22/2010 04:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Artist Marilyn Minter is known for her photos and paintings, coveted by the likes of Madonna and Tom Ford, that evoke "damaged glamour" with searing images like a "soaked and rapturous" Pamela Anderson.

But video games?

Minter is a fan. A very, very big fan.

Pearls, diamonds, and glitter are regular staples of her artwork so it seems fitting, then, that one of the artist's favorite video games is Bejeweled.

"I've played Bejeweled 22 days and 7 hours," Minter told The Huffington Post at the opening of the YouTube Play exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. "That's 24 hours a day," she added. "Not 12-hour days."

"I had to take it off," she continued. "I'm a total obsessive."

Tetris is also a longtime favorite. Minter recalled, "When George Bush won I played Tetris for four hours straight." The second time he won, however, "I think it was Bejeweled."

Minter was among the 13 judges who selected the top 25 videos featured in the YouTube Play biennial exhibit (See the videos). The exhibit received over 23,000 submissions, and Minter recalls watching 20 videos a day in order to select the 25 artworks displayed at the Guggenheim.

Her favorite? Wonderland Mafia, by Lindsay Scoggins. (Watch it below)

Technology isn't all fun and games. The artist observed that new, high-tech tools have been subtly evolving the images that artists create.

"All of the art before the last 10 years was made from nature or imagination," she reflected. "Just like the camera changed paintings, now you see paintings based on software." Today, abstraction "comes not from nature," she explained, but one increasingly sees "abstraction that's made from software."

How do you think technology is shaping art? What artists are using high-tech tools in interesting ways? Weigh in below.


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