Pat Quinn's 'Glee'-Inspired Political Ad (VIDEO)

10/23/2010 12:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has been getting aggressive with political ads in recent weeks. First, he released what has been dubbed "America's nastiest political ad" about his Republican opponent's sponsorship of a bill that would have authorized the mass euthanization of pets in carbon monoxide gas chambers.

This week, the Quinn campaign lightened things up a bit, releasing an ad inspired by the hit FOX show, "Glee." (Scroll down to watch the ad.)

The ad takes the conservative gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady to task on everything from social issues to his tea time with Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Jeb Bush. It also pokes fun at Brady's young and inexperienced pick for lieutenant governor--who has been out of the spotlight since a painful appearance on "Chicago Tonight."

A recent poll puts Brady and Quinn neck and neck, though Brady led the governor by about 10 points for several months.

WATCH the ad here:

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