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8 Haunted Tours To Take Now (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 10/25/10 09:10 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:05 PM ET

American history - ancient and recent - has created a rich assortment of scary-as-hockey-sticks sites that are perfect for a Halloween visit.

In the spirit of Halloween week (yes, you read that right), our friends at put together a sample of some of the haunts--some of which you may know and others you may not--that can provide for great fright.

Adapted from Goby's own frightening list.

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Andersonville Prison, Andersonville, Georgia
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A well-known and tragic site, this Civil War prison held 33,000 Union Troops at the peak of its use. In the camp, prisoners contended with disease, polluted water, severe food shortages as well as climate extremes. Of the 45,000 soldiers 12,913 died due to camp conditions. Today, the prison is a National Historic Site, open year round, comprised of the prison grounds, National Prisoners of War Museum, and the Andersonville Cemetery.

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