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HUFFPOST ARTS EXCLUSIVE: 'Art Through Time: A Global View' (VIDEOS)

First Posted: 10/26/10 01:09 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:05 PM ET

This is the first of three exclusive HuffPost Arts video slideshows previewing segments from a new interactive visual arts series called Art Through Time: A Global View. Produced by New York metro area public television station THIRTEEN, the 13-part series examines themes connecting works of art created around the world in different eras. You can watch the entire series on public television this fall (check local listings) and on Annenberg Media's companion site, which also features audio commentary by artists and experts, more than 250 works of art, and a wealth of other resources.
(Photo credit: Miguel Luciano (Puerto Rican, b. 1972). 2002. Courtesy of the artist.)

#1: Converging Cultures
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Artist Miguel Luciano addresses issues of colonialism and globalization through art that is humorous and accessible, including installations, sculpture, paintings, and photography. This video excerpt from “Converging Cultures,” episode one of Art Through Time: A Global View, features Luciano exploring serious subjects like the historical, social and political relationship between Puerto Rico and the U.S. “Converging Cultures” explores hybrid forms and motifs of visual art and objects produced as a result of cultural exchange. Watch the full episode now on Annenberg Media’s companion site or on public television this fall (check local listings).
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