Artist Showcase: Sybil Sage Functional Art

10/26/2010 05:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


After a successful career as a prime time television writer, in 2009 Sybil Sage transformed what had been a hobby, pique assiette, the French style of mosaic done with broken plates, into a business. She's discovered beautiful and unusual plates -- with food and music images, Andy Warhol soup labels, writing in various languages and the London Metro map. These she meticulously nips to create one of a kind vases, picture frames, lamps, planters and candlestick holders. Grout color is a significant element in her work. She particularly enjoys being commissioned to create items to a client's specifications, which have the option of being personalized, and are popular as wedding, baby and other special occasion gifts.

Her humor is evident in the highly original, political satire mosaics, the Breaking News Series: a red, white and blue vase that pays tribute to Stephen Colbert, another with one side green and the other brown addressing environmental issues, using 1" photos embedded among the plates. For an edgier touch, there are cremation urns, done with red, white and blue flag plates, that comment on current American crises: job losses, financial fraud, political scandals and right wingers (for those who would enjoy seeing Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck silenced). The Manhattan artist was featured in the October 14, 2010 Home Section of "The New York Times".