Bruce Cullerton, Jaguar Mauling Victim, Killed In Belize

10/27/2010 12:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Richard and Carol Foster, who were caring for the jaguar when it escaped, have contacted The Huffington Post to clarify their operation. They are not an animal rescue operation, as was originally reported. They are "wildlife/conservation filmmakers." [Ed. note: This update initially referred to the cat as a cougar. It has been updated to indicate that it was a jaguar.]

In a grisly attack, a jaguar that escaped from a Belize animal rescue center during the chaos of Hurricane Richard is being blamed for the mauling death of American Bruce Cullerton, according to the New York Post wire service.

The jaguar, a four-year-old named Max, was freed from the center when a tree hit his cage during the devastating impact of the hurricane, during which the entire nation lost power.

The body of the victim, which was discovered on Tuesday, was identified by Belize's police force as Bruce Cullerton, who also holds Belizean citizenship, according to the AP. An American embassy official confirmed only that "a U.S. citizen died from a jaguar attack."

The 130-pound jaguar was given to the rescue center two years ago.

Hurricane Richard brutally battered the small nation of Belize on Sunday before entering Mexico as a tropical depression on Monday. About 10,000 people sought shelter before the storm in shelters and churches. There were no deaths reported during the storm.

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