10/27/2010 11:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Conan O'Brien Shows Off His Halloween Costume (VIDEO)

One of the highlights of Halloween are the shoddy costumes people buy that look nothing like the celebrity/movie character/tween pop sensation that they're supposed to represent. In the latest "Conan Takes Your Questions" YouTube video, Conan reveals his delight in discovering that a company is manufacturing (unauthorized) Conan O'Brien latex masks, allowing him to trick or treat as dressed up as himself. A creepy, deformed version of himself.

With NBC's ownership of all the intellectual property from "Late Night" and "The Tonight Show," we're looking forward to a new assortment of props, characters and bits on "Conan" on TBS. These videos, and stunts like the "Live Coco Cam," seem to indicate that Conan and his staff will continue to be inventive and creative despite their new challenges. The new show starts November 8th.