10/27/2010 03:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Crist Warns Voters Of Sarah Palin, For Some Reason (VIDEO)

Ah, poor Charlie Crist. Circa 2008, the Florida governor was a pretty big deal with legit aspirations to higher office. So, he sent his best crony, George Lemieux, to Washington to keep a Florida Senate seat warm for him as he completed his term in the Florida state house. Unfortunately, these ambitions were undone by the emergence of Marco Rubio. So Crist bailed on the GOP primary he was going to lose to run as an independent, and he made his case -- playing with letters and drawing lines on a beach to remind voters that, when there was but one set of footprint, 'twas Crist that carried them.

And now, this is how Crist's political career ends, with an ad that basically beseeches Kendrick Meek voters to vote for him instead, because "polls show" that only Crist can stop Sarah Palin, who is now doing something to Florida, I guess? Anyway, I don't know what "polls" he's referring to, because the ones I've seen all say he's going to lose.

Still, voters are encouraged to look for Crist on "line number nine" of the ballot on Tuesday. And then, a few weeks later, they can probably look for Crist on "chair number nine" on the set of "Morning Joe".


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