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The Year In Campaign Ads: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly... And Even Worse (VIDEO)

First Posted: 10/29/10 06:45 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:10 PM ET

Well, the end of the 2010 campaign season is nigh. And we have so many memories to cherish. Also: so many strange images, that will haunt our dreams for a long, long time. Things like demonic sheep, evil coroners, zombie presidents and a foot kicking us in the nuts forever.

These were the images and ideas conjured from the fervid imaginations of this season's campaign ads, which we've decided to celebrate. Some of these ads were effective, some weren't. Some were positive, and highlighted candidate's strengths. Most were negative, indicative of our thoroughly debased discourse. A few were just bizarre. But all of them form some of the 2010 campaign cycle's most memorable moments.

Carly Fiorina - Demon Sheep
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Where were you when the 2010 midterms truly began? Chances are you were watching Carly Fiorina's utterly insane "Demon Sheep" ad in stunned disbelief. This ad left a big impression despite the fact that the content was essentially complete nonsense. Let's see: Tom Campbell wants people to think that he is a fiscal conservative. But Fiorina says he's not -- rather, he's a "wolf in sheep's clothing." So, true fiscal conservatives are... sheep? That's probably an unintentional revelation of truth, but it's hardly a nice thing to call fiscal conservatives. Also, can we talk about the attempt to create this acronym: FCINO (fiscal conservative in name only). Did you guys think that was going to become a "thing?" How do you pronounce "FCINO?" Why not just stick with "wolf-in-sheep's-clothing?" Just pick something and stick with it.

Obviously, the gentleman who was made to crawl around a field in a sheep costume with laser eyeballs is one of 2010's unsung heroes.
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