10/29/2010 11:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sean Giroir Dead: SCAD Student Shot And Killed In Home

UPDATE 4:19 p.m. EST: According to the District, John Andrew Adams, 20, Daniel M. Izzo, 18 and Alex Brian Coward, 21, have been apprehended and will be charged in the slaying of Sean Giroir. The District reports that police found an "active drug center in the [Giroir and Levi's] residence, which contained marijuana plants, LSD, containers of ingredients to produce illegal drugs, a drug lab and a suspected explosive device that brought out the bomb squad near midnight." The suspects reportedly entered Giroir and Levi's residence and had taken cash and marijuana when a struggle ensued.

A Savannah College of Art and Design student died Thursday from after he was shot during a home invasion, the Associated Press reports.

Sean Giroir, originally from Houston, was 20.

According to the Savannah Morning News, police are searching for three white male suspects, who fled the crime scene in a dark gray Honda CRV.

21-year-old Mike Levi, not a SCAD student, also suffered wounds in the shooting. He is currently being treated at an area hospital.

According to SCAD's student paper, the District, Savannah police removed "a large stash of drugs" from the house during the investigation.