'Into Darkness': Artist Neck Face's Haunted House

10/31/2010 02:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Halloween is in artist Neck Face's blood. The illustrator, who got his start in graffiti and moved up through the gallery circuit, came from a family that has been putting on neighborhood haunted houses since before he was born. His latest show, 'Into Darkness' at OHWOW in Los Angeles, plays on this history, exhibiting his morbid paintings and recent mixed-media work among rooms designed with autopsy tables, pumpkin patches and "people jumping out at you." Neck Face showed a haunted house in Miami last year, and turnout for the LA exhibit is expected to be in the thousands. Faiza Abidia, a Los Angeles producer who is filming a documentary about the show's construction, has given us a look behind the scenes at the opening party, set for October 31. We spoke to Abidia, along with director Chris Parise and sound designer and composer Alex Talan, about the lead-up to Halloween Night.