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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Debate Sanity vs. Fear (VIDEO)

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One of the funniest moments during Saturday's Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear occurred when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert did a version of the classic "Colbert Report" segment "Formidable Opponent" and had a hearty debate about sanity vs. fear.

As Stewart tried to give a keynote address, Colbert insisted that while he was making a point, "every point must have a counterpoint - that is physics." Colbert was then immediately "empodiumed" and the two began debating whether or not reason can trump fear.

Highlights include Stewart using the Corbomite Maneuver from "Star Trek" on Colbert, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar trying to convince Colbert that not all Muslims are scary, and a certain "Star Wars" droid's surprise appearance. Watch until the end to decide who actually "won" the debate.


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