Arizona Election Results: John McCain Defeats Rodney Glassman In 2010 Senate Race

11/02/2010 10:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WASHINGTON — John McCain is returning to the Senate for another six years. The four-term Republican, his party's presidential candidate two years ago, defeated Democrat Rodney Glassman in Arizona.

Five-term Iowa Republican Charles Grassley also gets another term, defeating Democrat Roxanne Conlin.

And Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana has won re-election despite a prostitution scandal. He'd been linked by phone records in 2007 to a Washington prostitution ring.

Republican tea party favorites Marco Rubio in Florida and Rand Paul in Kentucky are savoring their wins in Senate races. Rubio told supporters that the results are a "second chance" for Republicans to "be what they said they were going to be."

Paul, meanwhile, told a celebrating crowd: "We've come to take our government back."