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11/04/2010 8:29 PM EDT

Murray Wins

Washington Sen. Patty Murray has won her re-election bid against Republican challenger Dino Rossi, according to the Seattle Times.

11/04/2010 4:51 PM EDT

Quinn Wins

Democrat Pat Quinn has been declared the winner of Illinois' gubernatorial election, according to the AP.

11/04/2010 12:27 PM EDT

Scott McAdams Concedes

Democrat Scott McAdams concedes in Alaska.

11/04/2010 8:03 AM EDT

Murray In Driver's Seat?

The Seattle Times reports that Sen. Patty Murray's lead over Republican opponent Dino Rossi "is looking increasingly difficult for Rossi to overcome." Still, there are hundreds of thousands of ballots that still must be counted.

11/03/2010 10:51 PM EDT

Murray Expands Lead

Democratic Sen. Patty Murray has expanded her lead over GOP challenger Dino Rossi in Washington, the Seattle Times reports. According to the web site Murray now has 50.8% of the vote.

11/03/2010 8:05 PM EDT

Oregon Governor Called

Democrat John Kitzhaber has been projected to be the next governor of Oregon.

11/03/2010 7:29 PM EDT

Rossi Takes The Lead?

Republican Dino Rossi may be poised to take the lead in Washington's close Senate race. According to the Seattle Times:

Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray's campaign is preparing supporters for a possible tightening of her race against Republican Dino Rossi as more ballots are counted today.

Murray's deputy campaign manager, Alex Glass, said she won't be shocked if Murray falls slightly behind Rossi this afternoon. That's because King County is only expected to count 45,000 ballots, which may be dwarfed by new totals from other counties. (Spokane County alone will count 30,000.)

More here.

11/03/2010 7:08 PM EDT

Two Gay, Jewish Legislators

Former Providence, Rhode Island Mayor David Cicilline will become the second openly gay and Jewish member of congress, according to Israeli news web site Ynet.com. Cicilline, a Democrat, won the race for Rhode Island's 1st District House seat on Tuesday.

Rep. Barney Frank is the House's other openly gay and Jewish legislator.

There are four openly gay members of Congress.

11/03/2010 6:30 PM EDT

Fox Asks Tea Party Victor To Be Specific About Spending Cuts

Fox News' Shep Smith asked newly-elected New Jersey Republican John Runyan to explain what spending cuts he would make on Wednesday. The former NFL player and tea party favorite replied to Smith with a vague answer that prompted the host to push for more specific answers.


While Smith is incorrect about Social Security (it's solvent through 2037), his line of questioning is logical.

If the Tea Party is disgusted by spending, what programs do newly elected officials intend to cut?

11/03/2010 4:41 PM EDT

So Much For Those Grizzlies

Slate's XX Factor points out that the midterms weren't so great for women:
...this was most decidedly not a historic year for women. In fact, it's the first time in 30 years that Americans have seen a net loss in the total number of women in political office. As Lawless explains, Democratic women lost a lot of seats, and Republican women—despite all the hype —did not gain enough seats to make up the difference. Hence, we have backslid in the year of the woman.