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Midterm Madness: The Year In Review (VIDEO)

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Welcome to Election Day, everyone! All year long, we've noted that America is facing a host of difficult choices and tough circumstances. Long wars, massive unemployment, a foreclosure crisis that seems to get worse and worse and an economic recovery that's slow to emerge. How have your would-be lawmakers responded to this time in our lives? With the most infantile, substance-free campaign in memory.

We've been watching the campaign ads, the debates, and the interviews, and if there's some undercurrent of gravitas and maturity and dignity to be found in the country, we've not been able to discern it amid all of the chickens and the demon sheep and the gunplay and the singing and the dancing and the barely concealed childish wrath that's been allowed to masquerade as "conviction."

If you happened to miss any of our previous chronicles of Midterm Madness, we're here to help. Here's the story of how we got to where we are today.





[All videos lovingly produced by Ben Craw.]

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