11/02/2010 07:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rachel Maddow Rips Evan Bayh Over Dan Coats Indiana Win (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow ripped Evan Bayh moments after MSNBC called the Indiana senate seat he's retiring from for Republican Dan Coats

"It's important also to know what just happened in Indiana," Maddow said. "Republicans had their first pickup in Indiana. Evan Bayh, probably the only Democrat who could've held that Senate seat right now. Evan Bayh knew that, resigned anyway, decided not to run again, held on to all his campaign money, and did not give any of that campaign money to any other Democrats in order for them to try and win their seats. And he is now essentially trying to reinvent himself as a pundit who talks smack about Democrats and how badly they are doing as a party and how that's seen in the seats that they lose--one of which he gave away. So the Democrats are going to miss Evan Bayh's Senate seat in Indiana--I cannot believe they are going to miss Evan Bayh."

"But that campaign money is usable in any Federal election," Lawrence O'Donnell said.

"If he gets there, on the backs of trashing every other Democrat who has never done anything for him," she shot back. "Evan Bayh, 2 terms in the Senate--and he inherited that Senate seat essentially from his dad--has no legislative record to show for his time there, but has made himself a national figure who has only accomplished being the Democrat who trashes the Democratic party and makes sure they have fewer seats than if he didn't exist."