Donna Brazile vs. Alex Castellanos: 'You Interrupted A Lady!' (VIDEO)

11/03/2010 12:39 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Donna Brazile's sense of humor always lightens up CNN's Best Political Team on Television panels (like when she asked Anderson Cooper to be her "boo" in 2008).

Tuesday night during CNN's election coverage, Brazile drove the panel to laughter during a spat with Republican strategist Alex Castellanos.

Brazile, who described Barbara Boxer as one of her favorite politicians, said she wouldn't cry about Boxer's win in the California senate race because that would show a sign of weakness as a woman.

Then discussing whether the economy was responsible for the Republicans' large gains in the Senate, Castellanos and Boxer went back and forth, with Castellanos refusing to let Brazile break in and contest his point.

"You interrupted a lady!" Brazile said to Castellanos as the panel broke into laughter. How'd Brazile celebrate her dig? With a (must-see) little shimmy, which comes at 0:58 in the video below.


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