11/03/2010 03:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Election Night On Cable TV: The Mediagasm (VIDEO)

Last night was much much more than a midterm election that will dramatically impact the lives of ordinary Americans. It was also an all-night-long pageant performed by the institution that knows the least about the lives of ordinary Americans -- your cable teevee news heroes and heroines.

And this year, they pulled out all of the stops you expected them to pull out in order to best serve up the climactic news that you were all expecting for about six months. We got holograms and touch-screens, clueless hosts and unruly mega-panels of pundits, an infinite sadness of numbers, a murder of hypothetical conjecture, and the sort of constant droning repetition of cliched terms that you would expect from an invading army of malfunctioning robot-cuckoos.

Our own Ben Craw suffered through all of this last night to bring you a concise five-minute mashup of what you were lucky to have missed, if you were as smart as The Daily Beast's Benjy Sarlin. Please enjoy!


[Video produced by Ben Craw]

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