11/03/2010 11:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sandra Lee, Food Network Star, Is The First Girlfriend Of New York

With Andrew Cuomo's sweeping victory over Carl Paladino last night, the governor-elect brings to Albany a new democratic mandate, a chance for fiscal responsibility, and Food Network star Sandra Lee.

Lee, who is a highly-rated TV personality and best-selling author, is the girlfriend of governor-elect Andrew Cuomo. The New York Post even claims that "thanks to her Food Network show, books and domestic-arts empire, Lee's wealth and celebrity easily eclipse the newly elected governor."

Writes the Post:

While promoting her newest cookbook, Lee was asked by a reporter how she felt about the possibility of being New York's first lady. Laughing, she said she was focused on being the "first lady of cookbooks right now."

Lee is a well-known fixture to tele-foodies around the country, but she might not be as familiar to New York political wonks, and where Cuomo once bridged the Cuomos and the Kennedys, now he ushers in a new awareness of all things Sandra Lee. For a refresher (or an introduction) below is a sampling of compilations to help bring New Yorkers up to speed.


A mash-up of Sandra Lee Halloweens:

And this: