11/03/2010 08:22 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Spanish Women 'The Most Flirtatious Online,' Survey Says

Spanish women are the "most flirtatious" online, according to a study by the dating website Badoo, Reuters is reporting. US women ranked next to last on the list, just ahead of Ecuador.

The study shows changing perceptions of Spanish women, Reuters added. They reported:

"Until the mid-'70s, the status of women in Spain was lower than in any other European country, except Turkey. Spanish women couldn't open a bank account without their husband's permission," said [John] Hooper, author of "The New Spaniards."

The study showed which women were the most likely to initiate dating with a man, with Spanish women averaging more than double the contacts of US women per month.

In second place came Poland, followed by the Domincan Republic, Italy, Argentina, and Brazil noted the Warsaw Business Journal.

While men in all countries were still far more likely to make the "first move," the information does provide insight into the coutries in which the site operates. Badoo boasts about 80 million registered members in Europe, Latin America, the US and elsewhere, notes the Telegraph. The AP quotes Lloyd Price, the site's marketing director, as saying:

[W]e wanted to know whether women in some countries were more likely to take the lead than those in others - and what this said about those societies.

The AP also noted that Canada, which came in ninth place, was the highest-ranked English speaking country on the list, as well a the only non-Catholic nation.

A recent survey found that in PSain, where prostitution is not illegal, one in four Spanish men admitted to paying for sex.

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