11/04/2010 08:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stephen Colbert Takes One Last Shot At Ken Buck (VIDEO)

Ken Buck may be out of the national spotlight for the foreseeable future, but he couldn't escape the spotlight without becoming the butt of one more Stephen Colbert bit.

In his roundup of Tuesday night's races, Colbert cracked: "I just hope Ken Buck isn't somewhere drowning his sorrows in booze, because according to Buck, that's kinda gay."

Colbert was referring to the now-infamous remarks Buck made during his Meet The Press debate with Michael Bennet, during which he said that he believed homosexuality, "like alcoholism and some other things," to be rooted in a combination of hereditary and other factors, but "basically you have a choice."

Democrats immediately seized on the comment and used it to paint Buck as an extremist.

In it's post-mortem of Buck's loss to incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet, the Denver Post quotes several Colorado Republicans who think Buck's tendency to answer such questions bluntly and honestly ultimately cost him the race.


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