11/04/2010 09:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

MacBook Air Display Glitch Reportedly Confirmed By Apple

Apple's new MacBook Air laptops have been called "tiny miracle[s]," "desirable," and "elegant."

Better add "buggy" to the list.

MacBook Air users have been reporting problems with the new laptops' displays. "Every so often while using it, the screen has a ton of weird colors in vertical lines (extends the whole display) and the entire laptop has frozen," wrote the owner of an 11-inch MacBook Air on an Apple support forum. "I have to force it off with the power button and reboot it. It happens at random times. Is this a symptom of overheating perhaps?"

According to Boy Genius Report, Apple has reportedly confirmed in an internal document that it is investigating the glitch.

BGR writes,

Included among the issues is a bug where the display flickers or shows horizontal lines of varying colors when a computer wakes from sleep or after hot-plugging a display. Another bug causes the screen to fade from light to dark repeatedly after waking from sleep. Apple's internal support system includes suggestions for interim fixes in each of these cases, but no permanent fixes are available at this time.

Apple has stated internally that the aforementioned issues have been isolated and will be addressed in an upcoming software update.

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