Nadia Macri', Berlusconi Accuser, Says Marijuana Provided At PM's Villa

11/04/2010 09:33 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nadia Macri', a 28 year old aspiring model and "television showgirl," alleges that Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi payed her over $14,000 for intercourse, according to the UK paper the Telegraph. The allegations came forward as part of an unrelated look into a cocaine smuggling ring, says that paper. Macri' also alleged that pot was available on the PM's private jet. As she told investigators:

There was grass available in all the rooms, it had been brought in on the prime minister's private jet. I saw a number of guests smoking, but never the prime minister.

These allegations came out during the investigation of an alleged cocaine smuggling ring involving Perla Genovesi, a former member of Berlusconi's party turned whistle blower, says the Telegraph. Berlusconi's lawyers denied the allegations.

The Daily Mail, which described Macri' as "a high-class call girl," reports that the girl alleges she slept with 74 year old Berlusconi twice and saw him have sex with other women in a jacuzzi.

The revelations come simultaneously as Karima Keyek, better known as Ruby, alleged that Berlusconi has a marble statue of Superman with his face carved on it, according to the UK paper the Metro. They quote Ruby as saying:

I was sat next to Silvio. We talked about everything except politics. Then he showed us a marble statue of Superman that had his face.

Ruby became the center of the recent spate of sex scandals when it was revealed that Berlusconi allegedly told police she was related to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, which she is not, in order to speed her release after being detained for theft.

The scandals have caused calls for Berlusconi to step down. Parliamentary speaker Gianfranco Fini, a one-time ally of the premier, has said that the PM should resign if it is proven that he abused his power in pressuring police to release Ruby. Berlusconi recently angered gay groups when he stated that, "It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay."

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