Obama In India To Be Shielded From Monkeys

11/04/2010 10:00 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Barack Obama will undoubtedly employ top-notch security during his Indian travels this week, but there's one additional threat White House officials might not have previously considered -- New Dehli's infamous herds of stray monkeys.

According to the Telegraph, Delhi's police force have opted to build 30-foot-tall towers not far from the exclusive ITC Mauriya Hotel, where the Obamas will be staying for two days, in order to shield the president and his wife from both potential terrorists and monkeys. The hotel's proximity to the capital's Ridge Forest means the menacing animals have relatively easy access.

In addition to general daily mayhem, the red-bottomed bhandar monkeys have been known to bite through expensive cables and attack people carrying food.

Indian police officer Taj Hassan told the Hindustan Times, "This aspect of security will be discussed in an all-agency meeting on Monday. We will deploy commandos, snipers and even monkey catchers to ensure his safety."

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