Spitzer On CNN Election Coverage: 'There Was A Moment When I Thought It Would Have Been Nicer To Have Been Somewhere Else'

11/04/2010 11:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CNN host Eliot Spitzer said in an interview this week that he misses life in politics.

Speaking with Kevin Sessums for The Daily Beast, Spitzer said, "obviously it's disappointing not to still be in that arena, especially when the issues that are facing us are so enormous."

Spitzer would have been up for reelection Tuesday had he not resigned from the New York Governor's office in the wake of a prostitution scandal in March 2008.

"I had fun [Tuesday] night on the CNN coverage but there was a moment when I thought it would have been nicer to have been somewhere else," he told Sessums.

Last month, Spitzer told The Huffington Post that being a media personality is "not as different as everybody thinks" from being a political figure.

Sessums also asked if Spitzer or CNN had ever considered his wife Silda as his co-host instead of Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker.

"Never a discussion about that," Spitzer said. "We have our own television show at home every night. The opening argument section. The whole thing."

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