11/04/2010 11:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stewart Mocks Whitman, Paladino & The Media's Hyperbolic Election Coverage (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart wrapped up his coverage of the 2010 midterm elections by mocking the night's biggest winners and losers as well as the media's exaggerated analysis.

Stewart began with the biggest winners of the midterms, the Tea Party and female candidates, who both won big Tuesday night. He couldn't say the same for Meg Whitman, however, who spent $140 million of her own money on her campaign that ultimately failed. Stewart congratulated her for "shattering the waste ceiling," and noted that the best place to buy "Whitman for Governor" swag was probably Ebay.

Next he moved on to John Boehner and Carl Paladino, both of whom gave somewhat erratic speeches on election night despite one considering the night a victory and one going home empty-handed. Boehner's crying, however, didn't measure up to Paladino's baseball-bat wielding concession speech that was more than a little confusing.

"That's the first time I've ever seen a candidate give an aggression speech," Stewart said, adding that it looked familiar before showing a clip of Robert Deniro in "The Untouchables."

But Stewart's ragging didn't stop with conservatives. He also poked fun at the Democrats, especially the fact that many who lost were the candidates who "Obama knows personally."

The media was another target, specifically conservative pundits who kept describing the GOP wins as natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and tidal waves.

"You do realize all your metaphors for Republican victory killed thousands of people," Stewart said. "You do realize that."

But then, Stewart showed contrasting clips of similar pundits saying that the GOP only has 1/6 control and that it is still the Obama administration, meanign that they are not in power. Stewart saw this as a way to prevent people from looking to them for answers.

"Let the ass-covering begin!"