11/04/2010 03:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Fed Up': Texas Governor Rick Perry On 'Today' (VIDEO)

Texas Governor and potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate made an appearance on TODAY to talk about the midterm elections and to promote his new book, "Fed Up: Our Fight To Save America From Washington."

Much of the interview concerned the recent midterm elections, about which Perry stated: "The American people said, 'Listen, we are spending too much money on things we don't want.'"

Meredith Vieira brought up the Tea Party.

"Are you concerned about it [the Tea Party movement] come 2012?" she asked.

"I think 'fed up' is a good primer about the constitution," Perry said. "The relationship with the state. States ought to be the laboratories of innovation."

Vieira then asked Perry about his candidacy for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

"I don't see that scenario at all," Perry responded.

"Being the governor of the state of Texas," he continued, "we know how to best run our states. The government that's closest to the people is the best government."